Unity Education Trust have 5 Pledges, detailed below, throughout the school year Magdalen Academy aim for the children to experience some of the Pledges.

Pledge 1 – Be Healthy-Personal Development

  • develop healthy bodies and minds through effective teaching and attending assemblies and external presentations
  • access a variety of free lunchtime & after school activities which provide a broad range of experiences.
  • take part in a daily physical challenge and are awarded certificates for their achievements
  • be able to swim by the time they leave school
  • have a thorough knowledge of how to maintain a healthy life style through the curriculum including age related RSE and dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • choose from a fully balanced menu choice through our catering provider

Pledge 2 – Stay Safe – Personal Development

  • have access to Forest schools programme every week through a fully qualified Forest Schools teacher where pupils learn to identify risks
  • have the opportunity to be involved with Road Safety, Step on – crossing the road and Bikeability
  • have a thorough knowledge of internet safety through planned lessons and assemblies.
  • have the opportunity through good teaching, support and external presentations, to develop a thorough understanding of how to keep themselves safe in a range of settings, including fire safety, PATHS, water safety and first aid.
  • talk to designated and clearly identified safeguarding leads within the school

Pledge 3 – Enjoy and Achieve – Cultural Capital

  • participate in stimulating, challenging and enjoyable lessons
  • be inspired to make more progress than children of a similar ability nationally
  • be supported to become independent learners in order for them to fulfil their potential, be enthusiastic, and positive lifelong learners
  • be invited to pupil and parent workshops and reading cafes so that all learning is shared and celebrated
  • have the opportunity to take part in cultural visits and residential activities to enhance their learning experiences outside the classroom and in various settings (Norfolk Lakes, trips to London and local venues are some examples)
  • have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs
  • attend free after school clubs
  • be rewarded for demonstrating commitment to the schools ethos
  • be encouraged to achieve dojos and exchange these for rewards

Pledge 4 – Make a Positive Contribution – Cultural Capital

  • be involved in the life of the community in which they live
  • have the opportunity to take part in school council, committees, and fundraising events for a wide range of different causes.
  • participate and contribute to the wider trust events and activities
  • organise charity fundraising for a variety of different causes.
  • have the opportunity to represent the school and act as a role mode to others in a variety of roles and responsibilities including: School Councilmember or mediator
  • contribute to our blogs, websites and newsletters
  • work with pupils and staff across a range of other schools within our Trust
  • be signposted to take part in wider community activities, events and clubs
  • take part in academy and Trust productions, events, competitions and celebrations

Pledge 5 – Achieve Economic Well-being

  • understand the value of money and the concept of spending
  • be given regular opportunities to have access to outside experts in the financial sector to learn how to manage money and finances effectively on a budget
  • participate in Academy fundraising events
  • take part in enterprise projects and hold enterprise days in UKS2
  • learn practical, social and academic skills in order for them to progress in further education, employment and training in a rapidly changing world
  • by the end of their time in our school, have the academic and social skills to be able to continue to thrive in new and challenging situations.